School discipline is intended to be positive and to encourage the happy community spirit in which the values and aims of the school can be realised. Children need to know that self-control and consideration for others are essential for the smooth working of the community. They are clearly told what they must, or must not, do for reasons of safety and their general well-being.

As stated in our behaviour policy the privilege of staying at school during the midday break may be withdrawn if inappropriate behaviour is adopted at lunchtime.

Anti-Bullying Policy
At Hursthead Junior School we regards bullying as particularly serious and always take firm action against it. We are particularly vigilant in preventing and dealing with any incidents of cyberbullying. Children are taught how to identify and report any events that trouble them.

A definition of bullying:

“Bullying is the wilful, conscious desire to hurt threaten or frighten someone. It is a complex problem and can by physical and/or verbal in nature”                            Elton Report

We believe that the school has the responsibility to create a safe and secure environment for the pupils in their care so that the children and their parents may be confident in the knowledge that they will be protected from bullying.

These beliefs form part of the PSHE and SEAL curriculum to help prepare children for later life.

Should the need arise, parents are always informed of any particular areas in which their help is sought.  Corporal punishment is not used in school.

There are specific legal procedures to be followed in the unlikely exclusion of a pupil from the school:

a. School’s Responsibilities

Our Behaviour Policy is revised annually to take account of the law.

All schools must work together to provide full time education for pupils who receive an exclusion of 6 days or longer. This education provision must be off the excluding school’s site and at another appropriate place.

Our Governing Body supports the policy and we have agreed that in the unlikely event that we would need to exclude a pupil for longer than 5 days, we would work with other Stockport schools to provide appropriate, off-site provision. This would mean that an excluded pupil would be expected to attend an alternative school until the exclusion ended. Obviously we would work closely with parents at that time to ensure that all arrangements were made in consultation and that the identified school met the pupil’s needs.

b. Parental Responsibility

The law also requires that parents must follow specific procedures if their child receives an exclusion from school. The law states that all parents must ensure that their child is properly supervised during the first 5 days of any fixed period exclusion and allows for a parent to be given a Fixed Penalty Notice and fine if their child is found in a public place during school hours without reasonable justification. A leaflet is available for all parents in the event of an exclusion.

Be assured that our school continues to value and promote good behaviour in partnership with parents.