Our Curriculum

Our school curriculum aims to provide the children with as broad and relevant an education as is possible and to cater for the extremes of the ability range. Programmes of work are designed to match the individual aptitude and ability of the children allowing them to develop at their own pace.

When planning the curriculum for our children we are guided by a number of principles:

  • To ensure our teaching matches the abilities, attainment, interests and experiences  of our children.
  • To provide the children with a wide range and balance of experiences.
  • To relate our learning to real and practical experiences so that the children are actively involved.
  • To provide a cross-curricular integrated approach to learning, whilst  recognising the desirability of individual subject approaches when appropriate.
  • To ensure there is continuity in the children’s learning.
  • To encourage and develop self-motivation through the enjoyment of their work.

Hursthead incorporates all the requirements of the National Curriculum and the content of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies in the school long–term planning documents. The core subjects, foundation subjects and Religious Education cover the range of knowledge, skills and understanding, commonly accepted as necessary for a broad and balanced curriculum and provide a framework for a number of other aspects of the curriculum. These include Health Education, Personal and Social Education, Economic Awareness, European Awareness and Multicultural issues. We allow children as much first-hand experience as possible and each term, classes have the opportunity to make appropriate visits. For example, Year Six visit Stockport Air Raid Shelters, participating in topic related workshops, and also meet the challenges of  the PGL residential activity centre in Shrewsbury.  Year Four children are given their first school experience of a residential trip when they visit a YHA centre in Castleton in Derbyshire.

The classes in each year group plan together to provide the most appropriate learning environment. Teaching takes place with the whole class, in small groups, on an individual basis and sometimes in setted groups. We use our professional expertise to decide when to use the most appropriate teaching and learning styles.

For further information on the curriculum, please click on the links to the Year Group Curriculum Plans and Age-Related Expectations in the drop-down menu.

Curriculum plans are provided each term to parents to encourage curriculum support at home.

Music Lessons

Children are offered the opportunity to learn woodwind or brass instruments. Small group tuition is provided by Stockport Music Service in curriculum time.

If you would like your child to learn the guitar, we work with Fidler Music who provide small group guitar lessons in curriculum time.